4 days in Barcelona

Hi guys!!! How are you? I come today to show you some photos that take in Barcelona this summer. It is a very beautiful city with tourist spots all around. Always full of people, rare are the moments I heard and spoke Spanish. The foreigners completely dominated the city, mainly in tourist places. If you … Continue reading 4 days in Barcelona


Trend Alert: Black Top

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Trend Alert: Vintage Style

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Outfit #7: Classic Black

Hiii Guys! I come with another outfit, I hope you like this set is very very classic, which I love! This hat, super in, that gives a special touch in the look! ❤️ To see more information slides down... Oiii Maltinha! Venho com mais um outfit, espero que gostem deste conjunto muito muito clássico, que … Continue reading Outfit #7: Classic Black

HomeStyle: Exotic

Hiii guys! In this new category, "HomeStyle", you will find inspiration for your houses, apartments, gardens and so on. I hope you like it! Stay tuned for more news, on the blog. There's no need to go to shops dedicated to decorating to find comfortable and cute pieces for your homes. "Clothing stores" are increasingly … Continue reading HomeStyle: Exotic

Outfit #6: Yellow Spring

Hiii guys! My inspiration for this look was one of my favorite Brazilian bloggers, Victória Rocha. You need to go search the social networks now, she's amazing. (@viihrocha) Those who live or know Portugal know that we are the country of Read more...

Outfit #5: Black Boots for Rainy Days

Hi guys! This is the outfit for today! I love this outfit is very girlie with "no makeup" makeup. I hope you like it! Read more...

Outfit #4: Style Passion

Hi guys! This is the outfit for today! I love this jacket more formal with informal mom jeans and Old School vans. I hope you like it! Below you've more info about the outifit...

Outfit #3: Red puffer Jacket

Hi guys! I simply love this trend! I tried to buy in the sale season but I couldn't because it sold out. I didn't think it easy to found this coat in the usual stores (mall center). But with some research I was able to find a few on-line stores with this trend. If you are interested in this trend continues to read...

Trend Alert: Red Fire

Hi guys! How are you? Lately I've been pass at the shopping maul and I notice a huge amount of pieces in color red fire. More...

WhowhatWear: Pleated Skirt

Hi guys! How are you? I hope that you had a good week! And thank you for reading this post! Come visit my social networks for more news... 😊 I come today with a new piece that's talk a lot! Much appreciated in summer and next season with great standout. One of the trends I enjoy for any occasion, as I consider it to be one of those essential pieces in any closet. Versatile and which is easily found at this time of year with many colours and sizes. To help you create a oufit with yours, below will give you some examples of how to combine this with key pieces that I'm sure that you have in your closet. Read more..

Trend Alert: Straw Hats

Hi guys! I come today with another trend that you surely must have noticed and being widely used now in the summer. With many advantages: Very good to use on days when we're in a "bad hair day", since you can always hide it and at the same time be very style. On the other hand, good for health as it protects us from the Sun, very important and required that you use on the beach or in days of exposure to the Sun, for example a picnic in the countryside. Read more...

Glowing Bronze Look

Hi guys! I come today with this makeup that is super in this year. The sun is out there and we want the glowing sun-kissed skin, like we we're born like that! That can be used anytime and anywhere, will never look bad. Super natural and fresh, perfect for summer time. So, I'm here for showing you some Pinterest photos with this makeup trend. I have below some tips and products list that I recommend for this glowing sun-kissed look. I hope you enjoy! Read more...

Trend Alert: Lace-up

Hi guys! You may have already noticed one standout fashion detail over the past several months…LACEUP, which comes as little surprise given this season’s ’70s revival.  Lace up pumps, lace up sweats, lace-up jeans, lace up tops, lace up sweaters, etc. The lace-up trend is perfect for creating a chic look. It can be styled into anything, from shoes to dresses. essential piece in the wardrobe of all women! You can see below some examples where we can see this trend. I hope you enjoy!

Trend Alert: Show yours socks

Hi guys! I love browsing Pinterest and Instagram, are my favorite social networks. They can start to follow! Lately I don´t stop seeing outfits with the socks on display, I confess that the beginning wasn´t to my liking.. but now I think it´s a super interesting and fun trend which can be used all year round.  Much talked about and commented on in major fashion shows recently, namely the marvelous brands Dolce & Gabbana and Marchesa. The way that I most like to use is with sneakers (ex: Adidas) gets super cool and comfortable. - Me and sneakers! - To help you create an outfit with socks, that you guys have in your closet, below I will put some examples that I found in Pinterest.. I hope you enjoy!

Dupe: Chloé Bag

Hi guys! I thought it was important to create this new category, "Dupes", on the blog so that all can be fashionable without being concerned to see prices because there are some very interesting alternatives on the market. The Chloé bags are my first choice to show you. I hope you like it* Read more...

WhoWhatWear: Long Coat

Hi guys! The objective in this post, titled by WhoWhatWear, is to give some tips on how and what you will be able to use some pieces of clothing/accessories. The first piece I bring you it's coats, which I consider essential for autumn / winter 2015.  This type of jacket is very versatile, It can be used with sneakers, boots, high heels a sportier style or a more exquisite.  Read more...