Trend Alert: Lace-up

Hi guys!

You may have already noticed one standout fashion detail over the past several months… LACEUP, which comes as little surprise given this season’s ’70s revival.
Lace up pumps, lace up sweats, lace-up jeans, lace up tops, lace up sweaters, etc.

The lace-up trend is perfect for creating a chic look. It can be styled into anything, from shoes to dresses.

It’s essential piece in the wardrobe of all women! You can see below some examples where we can see this trend.

I hope you enjoy!

Hi guys!

Grande tendência que já tem um tempito mas que continua neste verão e continuará no inverno em força! Lace-up encontra-se me todos os tipos de peças e encaixa-se em qualquer estilo!

Peça essencial no roupeiro de todas as mulheres! Podem ver em baixo alguns exemplos onde podemos ver esta tendência.

Espero que gostem!

Have already joined? What is your favorite piece? I want to know!

Thank you! See you soon…

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E vocês já aderiram? Qual é a peça que gostam mais? Quero ficar a saber!

Obrigada! Até à próxima…

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4 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Lace-up

    1. I love this trend too! My favorite piece is lace-up bodys and jeans!
      Thanks for your comment and stay tune for more posts…


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