Trend Alert: Vintage Style

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Outfit #7: Classic Black

Hiii Guys! I come with another outfit, I hope you like this set is very very classic, which I love! This hat, super in, that gives a special touch in the look! ❤️ To see more information slides down... Oiii Maltinha! Venho com mais um outfit, espero que gostem deste conjunto muito muito clássico, que … Continue reading Outfit #7: Classic Black

HomeStyle: Exotic

Hiii guys! In this new category, "HomeStyle", you will find inspiration for your houses, apartments, gardens and so on. I hope you like it! Stay tuned for more news, on the blog. There's no need to go to shops dedicated to decorating to find comfortable and cute pieces for your homes. "Clothing stores" are increasingly … Continue reading HomeStyle: Exotic

Outfit #6: Yellow Spring

Hiii guys! My inspiration for this look was one of my favorite Brazilian bloggers, Victória Rocha. You need to go search the social networks now, she's amazing. (@viihrocha) Those who live or know Portugal know that we are the country of Read more...