Trend Alert: Red Fire

Hi guys! How are you? Lately I've been pass at the shopping maul and I notice a huge amount of pieces in color red fire. More...


Trend Alert: Show yours socks

Hi guys! I love browsing Pinterest and Instagram, are my favorite social networks. They can start to follow! Lately I don´t stop seeing outfits with the socks on display, I confess that the beginning wasn´t to my liking.. but now I think it´s a super interesting and fun trend which can be used all year round.  Much talked about and commented on in major fashion shows recently, namely the marvelous brands Dolce & Gabbana and Marchesa. The way that I most like to use is with sneakers (ex: Adidas) gets super cool and comfortable. - Me and sneakers! - To help you create an outfit with socks, that you guys have in your closet, below I will put some examples that I found in Pinterest.. I hope you enjoy!

WhoWhatWear: Long Coat

Hi guys! The objective in this post, titled by WhoWhatWear, is to give some tips on how and what you will be able to use some pieces of clothing/accessories. The first piece I bring you it's coats, which I consider essential for autumn / winter 2015.  This type of jacket is very versatile, It can be used with sneakers, boots, high heels a sportier style or a more exquisite.  Read more...